How Baby Boomers are Transforming Retirement Living

How Baby Boomers are Transforming Retirement Livingretirement communities


The generation that lived through Watergate, Woodstock, and 12% mortgage rates have a history of making their own rules and living life in style. When it comes to retirement living, seniors are enthusiastic about exploring new and innovative ways to enjoy their golden years. Thus, senior homes are changing their amenities to suit the unique needs and specifications of their residents.

With an increased preference for exceptional services combined with loving care and support, retirement communities are redefining their facilities accordingly to cater to the requirements of baby boomers. Learn about some popular trends in housing for seniors so that you know what to expect when looking for yourself.

8 Trends in Senior Housing & Retirement Living Facilities

Multi-Functional Communities

The following types of facilities are available for seniors:

  • Independent living – is ideal for those who want to have an independent life after retirement. They offer excellent amenities and qualified support as per specific needs.
  • Assisted living – is suitable for seniors who need additional help with activities of daily living or everyday chores such as cooking, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, laundry, and more.
  • Skilled nursing and rehabilitation – is for those who need medical attention and qualified support to help heal from an injury, illness, or surgery.

Many retirees prefer to live in a retirement home or assisted care facility, which has a home-like atmosphere and some extra company. In addition to this, they also place the utmost importance on privacy and want a sense of independence when they move to a retirement living facility. The senior housing communities have caught on and have begun building their institutions accordingly, so their residents are comfortable and happy.

Aging in Place

Many seniors prefer aging in one place instead of moving in with family or changing facilities because they want a familiar environment to spend their life after retirement. They look for a place that’s relaxing and where they can spend their time pursuing a hobby or something they love. Moreover, aging in place can help reduce the chances of isolation and resultant depression, thus enhancing their mental well-being. Affordability, socialization opportunities, and service quality are three main aspects of aging in place for seniors.

  • They want the model of transitioning from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing care with the same institution to reduce the hassles of dealing with time-consuming, complicated procedures.
  • They typically look for a comfortable place with a kitchenette, meal service in a dining room, housekeeping and laundry, and assistance with transportation.
  • Additionally, they want fitness facilities, medical checkups and healthcare programs, medication management services, and other amenities.

Independent Lifestyle

Baby boomers do not care for agist behaviors and beliefs. They value their independence, which is why they prefer moving into a retirement living facility where they can enjoy their lifestyle. Although they are mindful of what they can and cannot do, they don’t want to be marginalized because of their age. They are independent thinkers, open to new ideas and ways of living to cherish their golden years.

Focus on Fitness

Today’s seniors are aware that they need to exercise and have an active lifestyle to ensure physical and mental health wellness. They incline towards retirement facilities that offer access to well-equipped gyms, have qualified nutritionists on-site, provide well-balanced and delicious meals, and have a curated healthcare program. In addition to this, they give preference to the institutions promising fun and exciting daily activities to keep themselves entertained, group activities to find like-minded people, and encourage yoga and meditation. They want to stay in shape to avoid frequent hospital visits and reduce their overall medical costs.

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Re-Living Their Young Years

Seniors want to live in a nice place with a beautiful landscape, offering peace with a great environment with readily available services. Thus, modern retirement homes and senior living communities are more exciting, with plenty of opportunities, activities, and celebrations. They arrange spas, movie nights, games, and other recreational facilities. They come up with innovative ways to cater to the varied needs of seniors and ensure they enjoy an active lifestyle.


Studies indicate that a significant percentage of baby boomers may retire alone because almost one-third of adults aged 50 to 64 years are single. Seniors are moving into retirement living facilities where they have more opportunities for social interaction and can make friends who share the same views, interests, and hobbies.


Statistics show that despite worries about their retirement security, seniors are making wise financial decisions. This is why they can afford retirement homes in excellent locations that provide several amenities that allow them to enjoy life. Moreover, they have good wealth management skills, enabling them to offer their children and grandchildren financial support.

Local Connection

Many seniors choose to move back into cities where they have access to restaurants, cultural activities, and transportation. This is also helpful as they are often within walking distance of various amenities. They want to live in an area where they can interact with the next generations without giving up on their freedom and independence. Thus, retirement residences, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing homes in a good location are more likely to get inquiries from potential residents.

We Provide Excellent Retirement Living Facilities for Seniors

The Holiday Retirement is committed to helping seniors with retirement living by offering excellent amenities in a thoughtfully designed infrastructure. We work as a team to provide quality care and ensure our residents are happy, healthy, safe, and comfortable. We value our resident’s privacy and independence while providing the necessary support and assistance. When you choose to live with us, you can engage in varied daily activities to focus on your physical, mental, and intellectual needs and stay positive and active. We offer a peaceful environment that encourages social interaction without curbing your independence.

For more information about our retirement living community, feel free to call us at 1-860-233-8202. You could also book a tour by filling out our online contact form. We are excited to meet you and look forward to providing you with a happy, fun-filled, and healthy life after retirement.

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