How Assisted Living at Holiday Retirement Transforms Lives of Seniors

As a social being, every human being needs companionship and we love to be surrounded with people throughout our whole life. However, as old age sinks in, it becomes harder to stay connected with people. Children get busy with their own life and some couples lose their significant other too. As a result, some people require assisted living facilities because of old age and the inability to maintain a safe and healthy independent lifestyle.

Companionship can have positive effects on one’s physical as well as mental health which is very important during old age. A difficult part of aging is that individuals struggle with basic tasks and that can be frustrating. It’s hard to accept the fact that they are not capable of doing things they used to do well a few years ago like cooking, washing and for some even walking. They can feel helpless and confused by how this happened to them. It is important during such times, that seniors have a companion to help them with this transition.

The expert assisted-living team at our Wyndemere Woods Facility on Rhode Island explains how companionship care can boost the psychological well-being of seniors.

Companionship Care for Seniors

Assisted Living for Assistance with Daily Chores

In an assisted living facility seniors are given an environment where a person helps them out with the daily chores. Sometimes, the elderly need physical care and assistance owing to problems that come with senility. With assisted living, seniors can support their physical health, plus ensure their psychological and emotional well-being.

Sense of Security

If there is someone close living around seniors, the feeling of loneliness shouldn’t plague them constantly. It can be really depressing for seniors to stay alone in a house. On the other hand, seniors living with a companion can not only enjoy companionship and share an empathetic conversation but also get help in case of untoward situations such as a burning stove or a stranger at the door. It gives seniors a sense of security knowing that someone is there to take care of them when they get sick or were to get injured by a fall.


It is said that all everyone needs is an ear to listen to their mind and soul. A companion can open channels of communication for seniors and they can exchange stories and life incidents. A companion listens to whatever stories seniors have to tell which can counter the loneliness that most seniors who live alone feel. They have so many years of their lives to recall and so many stories to share, so they want to share their wisdom and experience with those who are willing to listen. They want to be heard so that they can remember their past and feel happy recalling the best and worst times of their life.

Importance of Assisted Living

General Comfort

Everyone has hobbies and interests, so having a companion to share those hobbies and interest is a very fulfilling and pleasant for anyone, especially for seniors. A companion can ensure that seniors always have company even when family members are busy. Companions also provide sufficient support to seniors so that they can talk, learn new things, or go for walk and do things they love to do with a little bit assistance provided to them. Studies have shown that the cognitive function of the brain is enhanced when a person is happy and relaxed. With companion care, old people don’t have to deal with constant stress and anxiety which ensures a relaxing and a pleasant environment for old people to enjoy their lives.

Wyndemere Woods in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, offers assisted living in a close-knit community where our friendly and caring staff will ensure the well-being, comfort, and happiness of your loved ones. Our facilities have a home-like atmosphere where your loved ones will effortlessly become a part of our family.

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