Excellent Spring Time Outdoor Exercises

Keeping Our Independent Living Community Active and Healthy

Getting some Fresh AirExercising can have a profound impact on a senior’s well-being. Whether you are living in an independent living facility in West Hartford or at home, staying active contributes to your physical and mental health. Spring is the perfect time for outdoor exercise and activities. The fitness experts at our retirement residence recommend these easy activities to help you stay alert and fit.

  • Walking: This is one of the easiest and safest forms of exercising. Your parent can go for a walk by themselves, with a loved one or in a group. You could walk to the park, a nearby store or just around your retirement residence. Walking has many health benefits including lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, improving muscle strength and balance as well as enhancing your body’s mobility.
  • Golf: Love golfing? It’s a great way to exercise because of the walking and playing actions involved. Whether alone or with friends, you will enjoy fresh air, cardiovascular benefits and improved muscle and bone strength.
  • Metal detecting: Nothing is more exhilarating than finding treasure. Metal detecting is an ideal hobby for seniors because it is fun and provides an opportunity to exercise as well. Moreover, metal detecting activities are conducted in some of the most beautiful locations including beaches, parks, old home sites, etc. It is a gentle exercise that is easy on your body and one that you will enjoy.
  • Other ideas: There are many ways to exercise and stay active in spring and summer. You could organize a picnic for family and friends or even start a garden club to grow your own food. If you like photography, simply point and shoot interesting sights on your walk around the retirement residence or at a local park such as Elizabeth Park.

Senior Couple Taking a walk through ForestWhatever activity you choose, the idea is to be active, safe, and have fun doing it.

At The Holiday Retirement Community in West Hartford, our residents enjoy well-planned daily activities and dining to keep them active and well-nourished. From outdoor excursions to light physical exercises including yoga and stretching, we find many ways to keep our seniors on the go. Comfortable living conditions, great companionship and the care of an experienced team makes them feel like they are on a permanent vacation.

Give us a call at 860-233-8208 for more information on our independent living residence activities in West Hartford, or fill out this online form to book a tour.

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