Encouraging Residents to Get Involved in Their Health

Useful Tips from the Team at our Assisted Living Facility in Rhode Island

Yoga Poses for Yogis of all AgesTechnology is helping individuals be more involved in their health. From mobile apps to online patient portals, there are a variety of ways for individuals to obtain information or get a current status about their medical history, monitor their conditions and manage their health. At our assisted living facility in Rhode Island, we encourage residents to use all available resources that can help them stay healthy. Our experienced team offers some valuable tips on how to play an active role in improving and managing your health or that of a loved one.

  • Take interest: Research reveals that showing a keen interest and being open with your doctor about your concerns helps improve the quality of care you receive. Your healthcare provider makes a diagnosis and prescribes treatments based on the information you give them. It is especially important to share information about medications you are taking, in order to prevent any adverse effects of incompatible or contraindicated medications. The more they know the better care your doctors can provide.
  • Ask questions: You know your body best; that is why it is critical for you to clarify any concerns you may have about a specific condition, the medication you are being asked to take or a procedure that has been recommended for you. Here are some important questions you may want to ask:
    • What is this medication for?
    • How should I take it and for how long?
    • Are there any dietary restrictions while taking this medication?
    • What are the side effects?
    • How do I get a refill?
    • What does the procedure involve and how do I prepare for it?
    • How long will recovery take?
    • What results can I expect to see, after how long, and for what period will they last?

    Do not be afraid to ask the doctor to explain your condition or any terms you did not comprehend. Understanding the diagnosis helps make the right decisions about your health.

  • Use apps: Certain digital apps can help make it easier to monitor and maintain your health. These include apps to track your daily activity levels, monitor sleep patterns, blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as remind you to take your medication. What apps are available to you will depend on your mobile operating system (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, Palm OS, etc.). Some suggested apps you may want to check out are:
    • iBlueButton: A federal initiative that gives you online access to your health records
    • Track My Medical Records: Allows you to track the medical records of your whole family
    • MyMedications: A medication reminder
    • Instant Heart Rate: It uses your iPhone camera to detect your heart rate

A Fitness Trainer Helping and Elderly Balance on a Gym BallAt Wyndemere Woods Assisted and Independent Living Community in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, we use the latest resources to monitor and maintain the health of our residents. A wide range of services and amenities make them comfortable, stay safe, and feel well-cared for. Our friendly and dedicated staff is available 24/7 and always willing to provide any assistance they may need. The loving care, compassion and respect with which we look after your family members is what sets us apart among assisted living facilities in Rhode Island.

Contact Wyndemere Woods Assisted and Independent Living Community by calling at 401-762-4226 for more information or fill out our online form to book a tour.

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