Dealing with Bullying in Retirement Homes

Group of multiracial seniors on porch swingBullying can happen anywhere, even in senior homes. Studies show that 20% of adults in a retirement residence experience some form of unwanted attention. This could be manifested as mocking, teasing, spreading rumors, stealing personal items, giving someone the silent treatment or even physical intimidation.

There are many reasons why this might happen. Some older adults might feel they have to compete for attention in senior homes, while others may have health issues that make them more prone to aggression. Whatever the cause, it is important to properly deal with the matter so that it doesn’t occur again.

What to Do You If Your Loved One is Being Bullied in a Retirement Residence or Nursing Home?

  • Determine if it is really bullying.  Sometimes individuals may act up if they are sick; they are not necessary being bullies.  Also, persons with certain conditions like Alzheimer’s may react a certain way because they have misread a situation and feel threatened.
  • Help your loved one realize that it is not their fault. It is the bully who has a problem.
  • Talk to the staff for your loved one if they don’t feel capable or uncomfortable with the situation. Many senior homes have a no-tolerance policy towards bullying and will also conduct informative sessions to educate and empower their residents to speak out if they have a problem.

Retirement Residence or Nursing HomeFamilies with loved ones at The Holiday Retirement have peace of mind knowing they are safe and well-cared for. We have been providing top quality senior care for Nearly 50 years. What our residents appreciate most is that we treat them like our own family.

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