10 Reasons to Retire in West Hartford

10 Reasons to Retire in West Hartford10 Reasons to Retire in West Hartford


Research recognizes West Hartford as the best place to live in Connecticut. The small town offers the benefits of a big city within a quiet suburban community. It provides a perfect retirement place for seniors with affordable housing options, picturesque landscapes, waterfront parks, and many local amenities.

Here is more about why you should choose to retire in West Hartford.

Top 10 Advantages of Hartford Retirement Community

Low Crime Rate

Connecticut is one of the country’s oldest, wealthiest, and safest states. West Hartford, in particular, is one of the most secure places with a lower crime rate than most of America.

Tuition-Free Education for Seniors

Connecticut offers seniors a tuition-free college degree. You can take admission to undergraduate courses on a non-credit basis for every semester and pay only for the university and activity fees.

Easy Accessibility to Boston and New York

If you want to enjoy the amenities of the big cities without having to live in crowded areas, Hartford retirement community is the best place. Connecticut is located centrally and connected to New York and New Jersey. It also shares its border with Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The strategic location allows you to travel to any of these states easily by train, bus, or drive without having to fly. The proximity to major cities is a significant benefit if you live in a retirement community.

Big-City Amenities in a Small-Town Context

West Hartford has a beautiful small community atmosphere with friendly residents. Moreover, it has world-class medical facilities and shopping centers. Seniors love this town for the harmonious balance it offers with the benefits of a city.

People Live Longer

Research shows that the life expectancy in Connecticut is 80.8 years, which is higher than in the rest of the United States. Experts believe that affordable care, advanced treatment facilities, and overall healthy living could be the reasons for increased longevity. Moreover, you have excellent opportunities for retirement living, such as The Holiday Retirement community.

Rich Culture and Heritage

West Hartford is an inclusive town known for its ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity. You will find residents from all backgrounds and walks of life, with different places of worship representing all sects. The restaurants in the city offer cuisines from around the world. This town has taken performing arts and culture to a new level, providing you with many exciting things to explore and enjoy.

Multiple Activities

Connecticut has many attractions you can explore alone, with your partner, or with family. Lake Compounce in Bristol is the oldest amusement park and a must-visit place if you want to go for a one-day trip with your family. It features 44 attractions, including 13 water rides and five roller coasters, and hosts special celebrations on Halloween and Christmas.

You can discover plenty of places in West Hartford, including:

  • Ski slopes
  • Vineyards
  • Public parks with stunning gardens and ponds
  • Biking and hiking trails
  • Country clubs for tennis, bowling, and other sports
  • Public golf courses
  • Indoor pools at Cornerstone Aquatics Center
  • Town’s main shopping center Blue Black Square
  • Noah Webster House and West Hartford Historical Society for history enthusiasts

Great Amusement Parks

The town has many world-famous parks for families, including Elizabeth Park, which is known as a walker’s haven for its beautiful gardens, wildflower trails, and ponds. It is open 365 days a year for special events, garden workshops, outdoor concerts, tours, and lectures.

Enjoy All Seasons

While most states in the USA do not experience all four seasons, you can enjoy four distinct weather patterns in Connecticut, including spring, summer, fall, and winter. It is beautiful year-round, which is why living in a retirement community in the city is a wise decision.

Winter: The cold season begins from late November to December and ends in February. You may experience a drop in temperature below zero degrees, and snowfall is common during this time of the year.

Spring: You can enjoy warmer weather and spring blooms from March to May. However, snowfall or frost may be visible until the beginning of March.

Summer: The hot season lasts from June through August, and it is the best time to plan an outing with family and friends, go on walks, and appreciate the outdoors.

Fall: This is the most beautiful season in West Hartford. Late summer and early fall are the state’s sunniest part of the year, with the lowest humidity.

Best Pizza in America

Although this benefit is subjective, you may consider this if you love having pizzas. West Hartford is famous for its pizzas, especially Pepe’s Pizzeria. The White Clam pizza has been a national favorite for decades. There are also many farmers’ markets where you can enjoy fresh local produce from the suburban community daily.

Book a Tour of Our West Hartford Retirement Community

The Holiday Retirement community in West Hartford is home to many seniors from across the country. We offer a comprehensive independent living community that focuses on giving the best care and comfort in terms of health, security, and amenities. Our facility encourages you to enjoy your senior years by eliminating the stress of maintaining a house.

Here’s what distinguishes our Hartford retirement community:

  • 24×7 friendly and caring staff
  • Fresh, delicious, and nutritious in-house meals
  • Well-planned daily activities and dining
  • Qualified staff to focus on health and safety requirements
  • Fun-filled mental and physical activities
  • Special events such as birthday parties, ice cream socials, and festival celebrations
  • On-site beauty parlor and visits by a professional aesthetician

We will work to ensure our low-cost retirement community in West Hartford gives you peace of mind, comfort, and a stress-free experience. Contact us at 1-860-233-8202 or book a virtual tour to learn more about our facility and services. We will answer your questions, provide a smooth transition, and help create a beautiful home away from home.

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